box house

A minimalist landscape designers dream, this zinc and glass box pleaded for a precise and deliberate landscape.  Overscaled, poured in place concrete pavers were meticulously layed out for the driveway and entry approach.  Perfectly spaced grasses line the building in beds of grey pebbles.  zinc boxes with recessed lighting were built along the driveway and entry, and filled with hedged boxwoods and white daylilies.  In the back yard, a very steep slope was tamed with a sleek, thin stripped, angular retaining wall system.  Pavers and sod make up the exterior entertaining and lounging space, arctic willows screen a/c units and other necessary mechanics.  Bold textural masses fill the planting pockets created by the retaining wall and cleanly divide the native from the refined.  A roof deck, spa and an art boardwalk are in the works for the near future. 

location: aspen colorado
architect: studio b architects
building contractor: j.d. black construction
photographer: jason dewey

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