Elements was commisioned for this project by a couple with four young boys and four dogs whom had recently moved from southern California and brought with them a love for modern architecture.  The active family stressed the importance of the indoor-outdoor connection.  Working very closely with the architect to integrate the house into an extremely steep slope, a courtyard was created with architectural concrete retaining walls, also serving as support for the cantilevered master bedroom.  Large glass walls slide open, seamlessly connecting to outdoor spaces for dining, lounging and entertaining, these spaces include fire-features, a spa, an outdoor kitchen and a retractable privacy curtain.  In the landscape, steel wedges and borders create circulation and define refined spaces from the native areas.  A morphing, angled 100' long x 13' tall green wall allows vegetation to roll over the top and down the vertical retained hill-side.  Small, manageable areas of sod give the boys and their dogs room to play, while contrasting beautifully with the preserved and re-vegetated native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers surrounding the rest of the property.  Elements designed and installed custom steel gates and an undulating steel pole fence.  Under-lit Corten steel planters cantilever off the concrete retaining walls in the courtyard where sculptural flowering trees are evenly spaced. Terrazo tiling, concrete, bluestone and exposed aggregate concrete make up the hardscape.               

location: aspen colorado
architect: willis pember
building contractor: i.a sedgewick
photographer: jason dewey

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