When this renown cyclist chose a home in the west end of Aspen, privacy was a priority, as was preserving the character of the house and the neigborhood.  The owner, with a distinct eye for detail, wanted clean, organized spaces with a soft texture.  With an active and growing family, large sod areas were incorporated, appropriate for play for children of different ages.  Privacy walls were constructed of limestone and cedar.  Shade trees and additional privacy walls surround a courtyard which opens directly off the kitchen and dining space of the house to an exterior dining space, a built-in bench and fire-feature, and a built-in grill.  Deep purple salvia contrast the green grass and daylilies in the cyclists signature color yellow.  Large over-scaled pots are located throughout the landscape overflowing with monochromatic purples, whites and greens.

location: aspen colorado
photographer: derek skalko
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