boardwalk house

Historically an open lot in the west end of Aspen, this property posed a few challenges; with all neighboring utilities running underground around the perimeter and a few utility pedestals above ground on an odd shaped lot with relatively busy streets on three sides.  There also existed great opportunities with beautiful old-growth trees and visibility from almost every side, a unique, very modern home and a client with great taste and an appreciation for art, and, the city's historic irrigation ditch providing a natural water feature.  The concept was to create a "floating boardwalk" in a refined composition of cream paving and rich wood decking, weaving along a disciplined axis, imposing minimal disturbance to the root systems of the older trees and existing utility lines. Pockets of bold, low-maintenance massed plantings were strategically carved out  to screen utility pedestals and to showcase art displays, also creating a tapestry of texture and color throughout the seasons.  Privacy and entertaining were priorities for the homeowner, a series of three staggered screening walls were built out of cream limestone, echoing the architecture, and softened by Elements' signature steel planters filled with billowy grasses.  Working closely with the client, custom retractable shade elements, lighting, furnishings and fire-features were incorporated.

location: aspen colorado
architect: studio b architects
building contractor: j.d. black construction
photographer: jason dewey
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