Monique Spears

Growing up in Oregon and traveling extensively throughout the western United States, Monique was inspired by the diverse natural beauty of the region. After graduating from high school, she was drawn to the open spaces and mountains of Bozeman, Montana where she graduated from Montana State University with a bachelors degree in landscape design and horticulture in 2002.  In 2003, she and her husband Joseph moved to Aspen seeking the ideal balance of life-style and inspiring work.  

Elements was founded in 2004, with a clear vision of combining Monique's passion for plants and modern, minimalist design with the simple pleasure of getting her hands dirty and being outside.  One of the things she enjoys the most about her job is the opportunity to collaborate and develop really great relationships with fellow designers, carpenters, builders and clients. The most rewarding part? watching people interact in a successful space designed specifically for them. Elements will always push for innovation and thoughtful design. Responsibly pushing boundaries, results in the creation of something uniquely special.  

Monique's free moments are spent day-dreaming about her future beach hut, traveling to cool architectural destinations, working in her very small garden, dabbling in floral design and spending time with her husband Joseph, 8 year old son, Jasper and her daughters - 5 year old Avea and 2 year old Skye.

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